About us

ELRIM was founded in 2020 by a core group of partners from Alicante (Spain) – with many of us having developed our professional careers in other European countries like Switzerland and Germany.

We´ve kept growing the team since then, welcoming as new partners previous entrepreneurs, executives and seasoned professionals who share our ambition and motivation with investment and entrepreneurial activities.

Our partners are seasoned professionals with a solid skillset and experience in the fields of Business Strategy, Technology and Innovation, Corporate Finance, and Fundraising.

We´re looking to team up with founders and entrepreneurs to launch new and innovative business projects and ventures.

We have the ambition to contribute to the transformation of our region

We strive to further develop an ecosystem that facilitates innovation and entrepreneurship, seeking to support entrepreneurs, activate investors, collaborate with universities, scientific parks and other relevant organizations ​to develop new and innovative business ventures.

Thereby we aim to contribute to our home region´s economic development, and the generation of high-quality employment opportunities to attract and retain local talent.

The combined professional skills, experience and international perspective of our team makes us valued partners to support the development and acceleration of new business projects and ventures

Our team includes seasoned professionals in fields like …

Solid references and experience in leading companies like…

Business Strategy (BCG, KPMG)

Technology and Innovation (ACCENTURE)

Commercial strategy in the pharmaceutical sector

Product Management and Procurement in the Automotive Sector (AUDI, SEAT)

Finance controlling and business accounting

Legal advice to companies and individuals

We act with regional focus and international reach

Team sites & professional networks

Fluent communication in Spanish, English and German languages

Support with business development and internationalization process

Perspectives on international trends

Professional values we believe in & which
we appreciate in the people we work with

Customer dedication & focus on value creation

Results-orientation and
strive for tangible impact

Organization, planification and efficiency

International mindset

Team spirit and collaboration as way to achieve superior results

Initiative and entrepreneurial attitude

Continuous learning & Growth mentality

Frequently Asked Questions

The trust in the team of founders/entrepreneurs leading the project (key factor), an innovative value proposition and a business model with real market potential and scalability.

The most common individual investment of a business angel in Spain per project does not usually exceed €20,000, reaching a maximum of €50,000 in most cases (example with data 2019).

Startups supported by business angels are more likely to succeed than others without this type of support, achieving higher levels of development and higher value returns on investment – thanks to the contribution of funding, strategic perspective and professional support from the business angel.

We support our portfolio of projects and their entrepreneurial teams with all our skills and experience, but we are not professional consultants nor do we seek to market our services in this way.

We manage private capital provided by our partners, but we do not seek to offer financial or investment services with third party funds. What we do is to coordinate with other investors to jointly support projects (co-investment).

We partner and collaborate with other companies and organisations relevant to our area of activity, seeking to achieve synergies and develop an ecosystem that supports entrepreneurship. But we are not commercial intermediaries, nor do we seek to profit from these types of transactions.