Seeking to establish collaboration agreements with firms and organizations to build an ecosystem which facilitates and supports innovation and entrepreneurship

Firms & service providers

We want to work with great professionals, having them as our reference service providers for the different topics and areas relevant to our activity and that of the projects we support.


  • We benefit from working with the best
  • They profit from recurring business opportunities generated around the ventures we support

Fields of activity
we are interested in

Corporate identity design

Patent and Trademark registration

Web and App design and programming , eCommerce

Talent search , selection and development

Legal, commercial and financial advisory services

Engineering and technology services

Research labs

Financial and credit institutions

Other companies…

Public & private organizations

We are interested in establishing collaboration agreements to interact, further develop and activate an entrepreneurship ecosystem which facilitates and supports innovation and entrepreneurship

Examples of organizations
we are targeting for collaboration

Universities and Business Schools

Collaborating with sponsorships for internships and research projects, job fairs, counseling, seminars…

Business Parks and Associations

Collaborating around discussion forums, initiatives to activate and coordinate associated firms…

Other public and private organizations

related to economy, industry, science, business, innovation

Incubators and Accelerators

Supporting and mentoring founders and startups

Other organizations…