Our value proposition to founders and entrepreneurs combines both funding and professional advisory

Seed investment & Fundraising

Business Strategy

Finance, Legal, Marketing,
Talent Management

Business Development & Internationalization

Pre-Seed investment & Fundraising

We invest in
your project

  • Initial investment round 3F/Pre-Seed in exchange of minority equity stake in the project.
  • Possibility of additional investment rounds.

Support with Fundraising activities

  • Search of additional investors.
  • Credits with banks and financial institutions.
  • Grants from public and private organizations.
  • Competitions with prizes for innovative business projects.

Business Strategy & Action Plan


  • Mission/vision statements
  • Value Proposition & Business Model.
  • Market and competitor analysis.
  • Business Plan

Action plan and project management

  • Project plan to reach short/mid-term proposed strategic objectives.
  • Organizational design and ways of working.
  • Establishment of kpis to steer project status.

Active support to multiple project areas

Finance & Accounting

  • Accounting and Financials.
  • Financial Analysis & Business Intelligence..

Legal Advisory

  • Corporate, tax, labor


Talent Management

  • Talent search & selection.
  • Talent development.
  • Coaching and Personal Development


  • Corporate Branding.
  • Commercial Strategy & Go-to-Market.

Business Development and Internationalization

Business Development

  • Commercial planning.
  • Access to broad professional network.
  • Support with Go-to-Market.

Support to internationalization process

  • Team sites in Spain, Switzerland and Germany.
  • Fluent communication in Spanish, English and German languages.
  • International perspective around business, trends, market and industries.

We structure our advisory to founders and entrepreneurs as customized programs focused on different maturity stages of the project

Pre-Seed / Seed

Early Stage (Serie A)

Business Concept Design

Business Concept Validation




  • Kicking-off project almost from start
  • Defining idea and Business Concept together with founders
  • Elaborating Strategic Plan and shaping project


  • Starting point is an already defined Business Concept
  • Goal to optimize and validate Value Proposition by building MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and experimenting with it
  • Gathering feedback from first clients for further fine-tune product/solution


  • Moving forward from already validated product/solution and first commercial activity
  • Seeking to accelerate growth, build resources and capabilities & raise needed funding to accelerate business

Business Concept Design

Initial idea, elaboration of business plans and concept, first tests to learn and test concept

Business Concept Validation

Recent but already active pilot project that is interesting and looking for investors.


Startup commercially active but still in early stages, small scale


Startup commercially consolidated and in a position to accelerate and grow