Activity around Venture Capital investment in innovation and startups is on the rise

"Innovation is the only available tool to navigate out of the economic crisis generated by covid outbreak, with Digitalization and Sustainability as key drivers"

José María Alvarez-Pallete
Telefonica CEO

"The startup PLD Space based in Elche Science Park prepares launch of their Miura1 rocket in 2022, having closed a funding round of €7M in Sept´20"

Miguel Hernandez University (UMH) Science Park

"More than 400 projects have joined Lanzadera, de incubator and accelerator founded by Juan Roig in Valencia"

Juan Roig
Mercadona CEO

"The Spanish startup hub has increased its value 5x in period 2015-2021"

Business angels are private investors focused on seed-stage ventures


Investing private capital in business projects and startups, in exchange of minority equity stake in the project

Added value

On top of the invested capital, they normally support the founding team leading the project with their own professional skill set and experience, with goal to contribute to project success

Maturity stage of project

Normally focused on seed and early maturity stages of the project, also supporting business development during commercial launch and acceleration phases

ELRIM is a business angels club investing in high-potential business projects and startups

We manage a private investment vehicle to work and invest together as a team. Sometimes we also coordinate with other investors in our network, to co-invest in the specific projects

Our activity covers from idea generation to its commercialization, supporting also business development and during acceleration

Pre-Seed / Seed

Early Stage (Serie A)

Business Concept Design

Generate business ideas, search and explore customer needs and data insights

Shape Value Proposition and Business Model around the idea

Formulate Strategy & define Project plan

Business Concept

Continue testing, learning and optimizing Concept and proposed product/solution

Build prototype of the proposed product/ solution with basic functionalities (MVP, Minimum Viable Product)


Kick-off real business activity with few first customers

Leverage valuable customer feedback to fine-tune product/solution, releasing upgraded version for commercialization


Product/Service offering validated in market with first customers

Time to accelerate commercialization, aiming to generate steady business volume & consolidate business model